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DegreensAcademy is an online institution that provides quality education to its registered members for free. We offer lessons in a wide range of subject areas at the primary and secondary levels. Lessons are designed in conformity with the national syllable and schemes of the Education Ministries and Examination boards of the respective countries.

In this regard our pupils and students are qualified to seat for the national end of course certificate examination and entrance exams into higher institutions in their home countries . The teachers for this levels are all highly qualified, experienced and motivated nationals. We are partnering with various internationally recognized language teaching centers worldwide in a bid to encourage and enhance the learning of a variety of languages by children and adults across the globe. In this light we have introduced the learning of some languages at the primary level to first time travellers and people wishing to work, study or live in other countries. Many of such languages will be introduced progressively with time.

At DegreensAcademy, we do provide lectures to students in the field of Business sciences - preparing students for various Business certificate examinations worldwide. We also give support lectures to students willing to write competitive entrance examinations into higher institutions of learning in their respective countries.


 At DegreensAcademy, the school year runs for five calendar months. The schemes of work and syllabus for the various subjects in each class are completely covered within this five months period.

            Our school/academic year runs from January 1st to May 31st and from July 1st to November 30th each calendar year.

The months of June and December are free holidays for pupils/students, since public exams are written in June and December is considered a festive period.

However, in the months of June and December, all lessons for the year shall still be available for revision and late subscribers can catch up within this period. No new lessons shall be posted online during these periods.

NB: At the commencement of each new academic year at DegreensAcademy, all previous year lessons shall be deleted and new updated lessons shall be posted.

Lessons are posted in a sequencial manner daily.


        At DegreensAcademy, all fees are valid for one academic year. This means all fees expire at the end of May and November each calendar year.